AT THE WELL FILMS is part of a Omaha, Nebraska-based film production company founded by Shawn & Amy Watson. Our mission is to make Catholic-Christian films that tell stories of spiritual refreshment and healing. Currently we are developing a series of short films called Walk Along with Him, modern-day adaptations of the Gospel stories of Jesus' ministry.

Stories of Spiritual Refreshment & Healing

Walk Along With Him Series

Stories That Flow From Us...

At The Water Spigot

A woman’s life changes when she encounters an unlikely holy man at a campground water spigot. It's a modern day adaptation of the Samaritan Woman At The Well, from the Gospel According to John 4:4-42.

This is the premiere episode in the Walk Along With Him series by At The Well Films.

Sidewalk & Sandbox

A boy and his grumpy uncle live out the lessons learned  from the  story of the two foundations according to the Gospel of Matthew 7:24-27.

Mouse Turds & Memories

Carmen and Chris's failed marriage has a slight chance for salvation when they dig through old boxes of memories, finding several unexpected surprises. (Rated PG-13)

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